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Tool Boxes And Storage

Protect your cargo and your truck with a truck bed toolbox.

Choosing the Right Style:

The bed of a pick-up truck already offers a great deal of cargo space, but it's no place to have your tools left out disorganized and exposed to the elements. Truck bed tool boxes offer weatherproof, secure storage for your tools and equipment. Pick-up tool boxes can also be used to store sports equipment, camping gear, emergency supplies groceries and other items you don't want laying loose in the bed of your truck or in open view of the public

There are many different types of Truck Boxes, which one you choose depends on your specific needs:

  • Backpack, or B-pack boxes mount across the frame of the truck behind the cab and offer generous storage for all your tools and equipment. Backpack boxes require removal of the traditional truck bed and are normally installed along with a landscape body or dump bed.
  • Cross bed or crossover boxes are top-mount boxes are installed in the front of the bed against the back of the cab. These cross-body boxes mount across the bed over the side rails. They will have either a single lid that opens toward the cab or two gull-wing lids that each open toward the center, making access easier from either side of the vehicle.
  • Side-mount or bed rail boxes come in many lengths and are mounted on one or both sides of the bed above the bed side rail. This box type is particularly popular with contractors. Side Mount boxes provide access to the content of the box without the need to enter the bed of the truck. Due to the longer size of the side-mount style boxes they are perfect for storing longer tools such as landscaping gear, these boxes run the length of the bed.
  • Wheel-well tool boxes are side-mount versions that wrap around the shape of the wheel well to maximize space. Wheel well boxes mount inside the bed and are accessible from the rear of the truck behind the tailgate.
  • Tool chests (sometimes knows as footlockers) sit directly on the floor of your truck bed without crossing over the top rails. This is usually the best option cap or cover that attaches to the rails.
  • Underbody or under bed boxes are mounted underneath the truck, these boxes are typically used on flatbed trucks that need the entire cargo space.

Choosing the right material:

Choosing the right material for your truck mounted toolbox depends on its intended use:

  • Aluminum tool boxes are the most common, they are moderately strong and lightweight. Aluminum is durable, lightweight and rustproof. Aluminum may not be as strong as steel, but it is generally strong enough for day-to-day use
  • For a more durable, rustproof toolbox option, consider a diamond plate model. Diamond Plate aluminum adds strength over traditional smooth aluminum. Diamond plate also adds an industrial look to the product.
  • Steel is much heavier than aluminum, so it stands to reason that it is also stronger. Steel stands up to commercial uses better than aluminum and so is a more logical choice for commercial and industrial applications. However, damage to the finish can leave the box at risk for rust or corrosion and steel is considerably heavier than aluminum.
  • Stainless steel truck boxes add the benefit of a rust-proof finish to the durability of a steel box. Stainless steel is a premium material and the price of the box will reflect this.

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