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92426SSA Hardware Kit Diagram

92426SSA Hardware Kit Diagram

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Part Diagrams are for illustration purposes only, and may not directly represent the quantity of each designated parts' SKU, unless it is specifically stated in the part name that the SKU is a Kit, Pack, or Box.

  • 92426SSA-HK-DG
  • Category: Salt Spreader Diagrams
  • Brand: Buyers Products Co
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SKU:  Reference # Description Price Quantity
3006717A-BUY Buyers 3006717A - Replacement Stainless Steel Spinner And Hardware Kit (For SaltDogg 924 Series) $767.72
9242001A-BUY Buyers 9242001A - Replacement Carbon Steel Spinner And Hardware Kit (For SaltDogg 924 Series UTS) $590.87
3018416-BUY 13018416 - SST UTS Spinner Frame Assembly $315.80
3006659-BUY 2Buyers 3006659 - SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreader Stainless Steel Spinner Shield Weldment $43.74
3001472A-BUY 3Buyers 3001472A - Replacement 18 Inch Hydraulic Poly Spinner Disk Assembly (For SaltDogg Spreaders) $140.87
924F0017A-BUY 3Buyers 924F0017A - Replacement Spinner Hub (For SaltDogg Spreaders) $24.65
924F0012-BUY 4924F0012 - Finished Parallel Linkage $8.51
3006646-BUY 5Buyers 3006646 - SaltDogg Stainless Steel Hinge Rod $22.98
3006645-BUY 6Buyers 3006645 - SaltDogg Stainless Steel Spinner Angle Lug SDD $22.01
924F0014-BUY 7924F0014 - Finished Black Painted Bar $4.35
3011137-BUY 8Buyers 3011137 - SaltDogg Under Tailgate Spreader Stainless Steel T Hanger Bracket $45.62
3009526-BUY 9Buyers 3009526 - SaltDogg Stainless Steel Under Tailgate Spreader Detach Mount Plate $57.39
3011139-BUY 10Buyers 3011139 - Stainless Steel Hinge Pin $22.34
3017834-BUY 113017834 - UTS SST Drivers Side Drop Hardware Bag $31.89
3017175-BUY 123017175 - Height Adjustment Bracket Weldment $129.51

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