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Redefining Reliability

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AR / HCR Model Diagrams

PLEASE provide your Anthony Liftgate's Serial Number and Model Number in the Order Comments at Checkout to ensure the correct parts are ordered. Anthony Liftgate parts ordered without providing a Serial Number or Model Number are subject to Restrictions if a Return is required. See TERMS OF SALE for more information.

These diagrams should only be utilized to service the following Anthony Liftgate Models:

  • AR-1200
  • AR-1200-AB
  • AR-1200-AB-DT
  • AR-1200-DT
  • AR-1800
  • AR-1800-AB
  • AR-1800-AB-DT
  • AR-1800-DT
  • AR-1800-RT-AB
  • AR-2000-DT
  • AR-2500
  • AR-2500-AB
  • AR-2500-GB
  • AR-2500-GB-AB
  • AR-2500-RT
  • AR-2500-RT-AB
  • HCR-3000
  • HCR-3000-AB