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VMAC Underhood 40 Air Compressors

The UNDERHOOD™ air compressor is the best choice for customers who need to save cargo space, reduce truck GVW, and minimize maintenance requirements.


  • Less space – UNDERHOOD™ air compressors free up to 80 cubic feet on the truck deck or cargo area because the air compressor mounts in the engine compartment.
  • Less weight – UNDERHOOD™ air compressors reduce truck GVW by as much as 1,900 lbs. Choosing a lightweight air compressor means you’ll be able to add more tools and equipment to your truck, carry more materials, take advantage of better fuel economy, or even downsize your truck classification.
  • Less maintenance – UNDERHOOD™ air compressors require less maintenance because stand-alone engine-driven air compressors have their own engines that require servicing and repairs.
  • More productivity – UNDERHOOD™ air compressors use patented rotary screw technology designed to run at 100% duty cycle without stopping or overheating, so operators don’t have to wait for their air compressor.
  • Any Environment – UNDERHOOD™ air compressors are proven to work in any extreme climate, chosen as the air compressor system of choice in arctic and desert environments.